Roadhouse Nursery

Roadhouse Nursery 12511 Central Valley Rd. NE Poulsbo, WA 98370

The apple tree swing lives on!


The old apple tree stump was getting wobbly, so we had to remove the swing and cut down the stump.


We found a place to hang the swing on another apple tree!

New Arrivals!


Our shrub beds aren't empty anymore!

Hanging Baskets

Bring us your empty hanging baskets by April 1st and we will fill them with the flowers of your choice and nurture them until they are ready to hang in your own yard!

Or select from our wide variety of pre-made baskets available in early May.

(Prices vary depending on basket size and plants selected.)


In March before the hanging baskets were started.


At the end of April, about 900 baskets are made up.


Lots of blooms on some of the baskets