Useful Information


Question: How do I clean debris from my pond?


Answer: For leaves, blossoms and other organic debris you can use a fine mesh net. In most cases it might be easier to use a pond vacuum. You can make one yourself from the plans or buy one at our nursery for $34.95 plus tax.

Question: How do I make streams and waterfalls?


Answer: Come to Roadhouse Nursery and discuss your water feature plans. We can give you good ideas. Check out our Streams & Waterfalls handout.


Question: What pond liner do you carry?


Answer: We now carry 45 mil Firestone fish safe EPDM. See our Pond Liner Price List.


Question: What do I put in the pond after it is built, besides water?


Answer: A proper selection of pond plants is necessary to balance the pond and you may want to add fish. We have a "Stocking Your Pond" handout at the nursery, or you can download the PDF file.


Question: What is a biological filter and how do you make one?


Answer: A biological filter simply provides a home for larger numbers of beneficial bacteria that normally exist in the pond. You can buy a commercially made filter or build one yourself from our plans for an up-flow type filter. Constructing a Biological Filter