Jan from Roadhouse Nursery created a Rain Garden to collect the runoff from the driveway and allow it to filter into the ground instead of going directly into our ponds and polluting them with road oil and antifreeze from Central Valley Road.


Individuals or groups are welcome to view the Rain Garden at the nursery during business hours.  It is best to call ahead to arrange a tour by Jan.



Zone 1 plants tolerate very wet conditions

Acorus gramineus                     Japanese sweetflag                             perennial*

Acorus g. ‘Ogon’                      Golden japanese sweetflag                 perennial*

Acorus g. ‘Pusillus Aurea’       Dwarf golden japanese sweetflag      perennial*

Acorus g. ‘Variegatus’             Variegated Japanese sweetflag          perennial*

Cornus sericea ‘Kelseyi’          Dwarf redtwig dogwood                    shrub

Eriophorum angustifolium       Cotton grass                                        perennial*

Juncus patans ‘Elk’s Blue’       Elk’s blue rush                                    perennial*




Zone 2 plants - tolerate occasionally wet conditions

Azalea viscosum                       Swamp azalea                                     shrub

Bergenia crassifolia                  Winter blooming bergenia                 perennial*

Blechnum spicant                      Deer fer                                                perennial*

Caltha palustris ‘Multiplex’     Double Marsh Marigold                     perennial

Iris siberica                                Siberian Iris                                         perennial

Itea virginica ‘Little Henry’     Little Henry Sweetspire                      shrub*

Juncus inflexus ‘Afro’              Blue corkscrew rush                           perennial*

Primula veris                             Cowslip                                                perennial

Polystichum munitum               Western sword fern                            perennial*

Schizostylis coccinea                Crimson flag                                       perennial



These plants and many others suited to rain gardens are available at your local independent nurseries.


Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners - WSU Pierce County Extension:
A digital copy of the handbook can be downloaded from

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